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8 Inspiring Websites for Small Business Owners

April 10, 2014
| Articles

As a small business you will most likely have to draw your own inspiration and motivation for your company. With personal and professionals blogs all over the place the advice and guidance you can get from other entrepreneurs are endless.
Here are some blogs that might inspire your small business growth and help you channel new ideas into leading campaigns and riveting marketing strategies.


Bookmark this site now. If you want to stay on top of what is happening in the world of technology and business this is one of the most informative sites to add to your RSS feed.
Mashable has a specific Business category on their website with resourceful content on marketing, jobs, advertising, media, startups and small business. The website’s design is also very user friendly and you are able to scan over the headlines that appeal most to you and your interests.


This website is ideal for the self-starter. If you are a freelancer or managing your own business you will get loads of advice, tips and workplace wisdom on Careerealism. Apart from sharing great advice on job searching, interviews, networking, workplace balance, career development and personal branding they also share free resources.
For those for looking for something a bit more interactive Careerealism TV is a weekly podcast that will answer your questions and discuss a variety of career-related topics.

Inspired Mag

The name says it all; this is platform to find inspiration. Inspired Mag focuses on inspiration and news in the fields of Web, Design and Lifestyle. Find some visual ideas and concept for your brand’s image. The website also shares WordPress, freelancing tips and numerous product and service deals.


A great way to find inspiration in the world of small business is to draw energy and retrieve ideas from those who already made it big. Finding business mentors or reading about the latest and greatest in the world of entrepreneurship might just lead to a series of brainwaves.
The website features content on Personal Finance, Health and Fitness, Travel, Career Advice and Entrepreneurship.

Business Owners’ Idea Café

Small business owners come closer – we’ve got just the site for you. Whether you need advice in setting up a business plan or you want to plan your next marketing campaign, this website is a greatly beneficial resource for those in the world of business. What also makes this website special is that it features advice from industry experts and professionals, so that you know the content is legitimate.

Small Business Trends

When you are embarking on your small business journey it is vital to know what is trending within your industry. Small Business Trends will be the source to feed you information on Social Media and Marketing, Management, Technology, Finance, Advice and Resources. The website also features interviews with real business owners and entrepreneurs.


Another website to be checked out daily is Inc.com. They are attentive to sharing content to help startups and small businesses grow, lead and innovate. They also give valuable advice on productivity and managing your small business team. Subscribe to their newsletter to make sure that you don’t miss a thing.

You’re the Boss

You’re the Boss is a NY Times Blog focused on the art of running a small business. This is where you can find relevant information on owning your own business and how you can make a success of this endeavor. The website features an impressive list of industry expert contributors, so this is definitely a resource that you can trust.
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By Anneke Steenkamp
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