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6 Must-have Self-Promotion Profiles for Freelancers

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May 26, 2014
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One of the biggest challenges in managing your freelance career is securing regular clients. In order to make money one has to obtain projects and clients and hopefully develop a long term relationship with these clients.
Freelancers go about advertising their skills and expertise in numerous ways such as online portfolios, listing, online profiles, social media and websites. The passive approach would be hoping that someone discovers your services by viewing your online representation and more actively, contact prospective clients and applying for projects and jobs.
As a part of the passive approach it is very important that you are represented or featured on all the important self-promotion websites. We take a look at some profiles that will be beneficial to your freelance journey and the success thereof.


Seen by many as most credible social media platform for business professional, LinkedIn allows you to showcase your present and past experience with all the details of your previous positions, accreditations and endorsements. Company employees or ‘connections’ are able to endorse your skills and recommend your services.
It is advised to fill in all the sections of your LinkedIn profile to reap the benefits. Omitting certain details or registering a vague profile might not work in your favor. LinkedIn is also the ideal platform to connect and network with other industry professionals and the ideal space to share common interests and insights.


This is one of the most helpful self-promotion websites out there. About.me can be seen as an online summary of you and your experience as a whole. You are able to list all the profiles and websites you have online as well as feature your contact details and relevant qualifications.
Think of About.me as an online business card showcasing your professional identity in its entirety. You can add your personal touch in the design of this ‘online business card’; choose the display size, font and imaging to be used.


Behance describes themselves as being ‘the leading online platform to showcase & discover work. The creative world updates their work in one place to broadcast it widely and efficiently. Companies explore the work and access talent on a global scale”.
Behance is the perfect meeting place for the client and the creative. Here companies can browse through visual portfolios of these online portfolios and find the perfect match of their design needs. As a freelancer you can see your Behance profile as a part of a creative catalogue from which the client can choose. Representing yourself on a profile such as this will allow you to reach a bigger audience and in effect create more opportunities.


If you are a designer it would be advised to list yourself and create a portfolio on Microlancer. Serving as a middleman between the client and the designer, Microlancer is aimed at connecting the two spheres and managing the entire project’s process. They have certain steps in place to insure smooth sailing when it comes to the completion of the process.
Having a profile on Microlancer might do the ‘job search’ for you on the days that you are feeling a bit swamped. Apply for jobs and view the client’s brief whenever you can do with some extra work.

Facebook Page

Another thing that might boost your freelance business, is to separate your personal and professional profiles on platforms such as Facebook. You can still use this platform for self-promotion, but do so in such a way that it’s not interfering with your personal life.
Creating a freelance page on Facebook is highly beneficial for client interaction as well as networking with other freelancers. Use your Facebook Page to promote your services, share your expertise and connect with others.


If you are looking for an innovative, creative way of promoting yourself online, this is the way to go. Visualize.me takes your plain old resume and turns it into a visual treat by converting the information to an infographic-like online resume. Apart from this modern display you can also add links to some of your other online profiles and include personal interests that you would think relevant to the industry or expertise.
These are just a few platforms on which you can promote yourself and your freelance business. In order to compete with the other freelancers you have to be active and present on all the relevant platforms and websites. Have a look at the above mentioned platforms and choose which ones work best for your freelance profession.
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By Anneke Steenkamp
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