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5 Simple But Important Aspects to Consider Before a Career Change

February 6, 2014
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Everyone deserves to follow their dreams and do what makes them happy. If you’re not passionate about your work right now, it’s time to take a look at why.


You have control over your own life so why not go for it? But before you can make the jump into a new career path, there are some important aspects to consider.

1. Lifestyle Changes


Will your lifestyle remain the same with your newly chosen career path? Or will you have to adjust your habits and possibly your budget? If you’re used to a short commute, you might have to wake up earlier to make a longer commute for this new job.


Or if your new career requires more traveling, you should discuss the changes with your family so they know you’ll be out of town more often. These important questions about your lifestyle need to be addressed as you make a career redirection.


2. Income Fluctuations


Will you make more or less money with your new career path? If you don’t know how much money you were making before your career change, now’s the time to get familiar with your numbers. Likewise with your changes in lifestyle, you need to be prepared for any changes in financial behavior.


Maybe you’ll have to eat out less often and prepare more dinners at home. Or perhaps you’ll be traveling more and won’t have time to do chores around the house. Will you need to hire help or can you organize your schedule better?


With a big career change often comes a change in both lifestyle and financial habits. It’s important you understand these changes and can successfully prepare for them, to make the transition as smooth as possible.


3. Short-term and Long-term Goals


Over the past few years you’ve established yourself in a different role in your career, and with that you’ve probably created all kinds of goals. If you were saving money in a retirement account, will you still be able to do so? Or will you have to start your own account separate of your previous employer?


Does your family plan a yearly vacation that will have to be postponed or changed due to your schedule/income changes? Now’s the time to evaluate both your short-term and long-term goals. How will your new career direction affect them?


4. A Supportive Network


Don’t be afraid to lean on your network of friends, family members and colleagues during this transition time. They can help be a sounding board for your ideas, thoughts and conflicts. And with a supportive network in place, you’ll have a helping hand in times of need.


In the event you don’t have a solid network within your new career field, it’s time to start developing one now. Get out and get involved in local meetups, conferences and other events to start interacting with your peers. They can be a valuable resources for encouragement and even new job opportunities.


5. The Right Mindset


Making a career change can be a scary and uncomfortable thing. You have to be willing to try new things and put yourself out there to reach your dream. Is your mindset at a place where you feel confident you can make this change?


Take a step back and evaluate your thinking habits. Are you focusing on what you’ve accomplished so far, or are you obsessing over the negatives? It’s difficult to start over with a new job, especially when you were so skilled at your previous career.


It can be easy to focus on the things you can’t do, versus the new perspective or skills you bring to the table. Make sure you’re focusing on the positive aspects and not just the negative ones.


Before starting down your journey of changing careers, be sure to look over these five important aspects, to ensure it’s a successful change.
Image Credit: Thomas Hawk

By Carrie Smith
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