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5 Great Online Resources to Improve Your Email Marketing Results

March 3, 2014
| Articles

If email marketing is your daily job, then making its results better is a primary goal for you. But you can’t know everything, so sometimes your newsletters perform worse than you’d expect and you simply don’t know why. Luckily, you can find more than enough information online about how to make your email marketing efforts pay off.

Various strategies and opportunities may help you reach the clients, but first you have to know where to look for advise and learn to pick the really helpful online material. Here are the five blogs of my choice that offer pretty good tips in making your email marketing strategies better.


Marketo Blog offers few categories of marketing that contain information about Social Media, Content Marketing, Email Marketing and etc.

It also worships blogging idea being “a key role in educating prospects for lead generation and nurturing“. If you choose to stick and read this blog, you’ll have great ideas of making your email or other marketing strategy better.


Copyblogger.com screen Copyblogger has a great reputation and it’s all about teaching of making your content entertaining and engaging. Sonia Simone, CMO, Copyblogger Media, states that „if you create content without understanding the underlying persuasive elements, you’re an entertainer … not a marketer. Copyblogger helps you bring both elements together.“

Here you can find resources to learn how to make your content interesting, reachable and fun to read. The website even offers interesting and useful e-books!


Responsys.com screen Responsys has a number of great bloggers who fill the blog with great loads of ideas and tips to make your marketing better.

The blog is structured and here you can find different categories of information regarding marketing, such as, Cross Channel Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing and so on. Different bloggers, different ideas but the goal is the same – make your marketing as superb as it can be.


CakeMail screen Cakemail.com is a company providing web-based email marketing software. And they do have their own blog in which your can find lots of information about email marketing for small business.

This blog contains few categories, but email marketing category is one of the biggest sections – it is surely a great place to search for tips on improving your email marketing.


Boomerang.com screen Boomerang itself is a company providing flexible and innovative email marketing solutions. Moreover, at its blog you can find list of categories that contains various useful information about email marketing.

The blog is updated daily with great articles and tutorials, explaining ways to make your email marketing more effective to your business and more entertaining to both you and your recipients.

By Gina
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