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5 Business Blogging Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

January 14, 2014
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A lot of bloggers don’t realize that when it comes to business blogging, the usual blogging rules don’t apply. It’s only when they realize that the usual practices aren’t working that they start wondering why. The answer is pretty simple. Most blogging rules don’t work with business blogging is because both kinds of blogging have different goals.

General blogging is about attracting an audience.


Business blogging is about attracting the right audience.


You don’t just want people to read your blog and comment. Well, you still want them to comment but you also want them to do something else when you’re blogging for business.


Whether it’s signing up for your email list, sharing your content on social media, contacting you or even buying from you—you want your audience and readers to take a specific action.


Unfortunately, that won’t happen if you keep making the following business blogging mistakes. Especially if you don’t know you’re making them.


1. Blogging without a schedule

If you want your readers to take a specific action (and trust me, you do) then you need to have a specific blogging schedule.


Unlike personal blogs, you can’t blog about things that catch your fancy. You need to work out a strategy and then implement it through your blog.


Post about topics you want your readers to think about. Steer them in the direction you want them to go in. Readers don’t come to your business blog for fun. They visit to read about something they’re interested in. A lot of times, that something is you. So make sure you keep their interest by having a reliable blogging schedule that’s always there to greet them with new content.


2. Blogging too often

If I had a penny for every time I’ve heard the “blog often” or “blog every day” advice…


Sure, this advice might work with hobby or niche blogs, but business blogs are a different breed.


Firstly, you don’t just want any website traffic. You want highly targeted traffic website. One that’ll help you reach your goals and encourage your readers to take action.


Second, you don’t want to overwhelm your readers. You want to empower them. And that doesn’t simply happen by posting every day.


It happens by posting insanely helpful, thought provoking and action oriented content.


In a nutshell, you need to produce epic content and doing so takes time.


So instead of focusing on giving your readers little nuggets of mediocre content focus on giving them epic content they can chew on.


3. Sporadic guest blogging

I think we’re all past the stage of convincing folks about the benefits of guest blogging. We all know it’s the only way to spread authority and awareness about your business if you don’t want to spend three to five years in blogging obscurity.


It’s not time to convince you that while guest blogging works, doing it every now and then is not the answer. You need to do it regularly.


Just having a single guest post published on a blog isn’t enough anymore. Guest blogging is a numbers game. You need to keep guest posting to make the kind of impact you want to. It’s a cumulative effect.


It’s why so many popular blogs have regular guest posters. The more often you guest post on a blog, the more their audience knows and trusts you.


So when people finally visit your website, they’re already convinced about your authority. To them, you’re already a somebody. You don’t have to work extra hard to convince them of it.


Take Copyblogger for example. Every time Henneke Duistermaat or Demian Farnworth guest post, Copyblogger readers are already convinced they’re great writers and know marketing and web writing inside out. Both writers run popular blogs of their own too and have successfully used regular guest posting at Copyblogger to grow their own business and blog.


4. Ignoring web writing and formatting rules

Most business bloggers aren’t natural writers. Readers understand that. They don’t expect poetic prose. What they do expect is easy reading. And that’s where most business bloggers go wrong.


Writing and formatting for the web is easy. You just have to pay attention to the things that make online reading easy for you.


What font and font size are you attracted to? Do you find yourself skimming through a blog post by reading the sub-headings and sentences in bold? Do you skip long paragraphs and love reading shorter sentences?


Visit your favourite blogs and figure out what you like (and what you don’t) about reading them.


I’m going to let you in on a secret: When it comes to online reading, the things that make you read your favourite blogs are the exact same things that’ll attract your readers to your own blog.


5. Only marketing on publishing days

The most dreaded thing about business blogging is the promotion it requires. You can’t just write a post, publish it and then expect traffic to come to your blog in droves.


You need to promote your post. Now most business bloggers think promotion on publishing day is all they need to do.


They’ll share their post on all the social networks, send out an email newsletter and respond to comments if they come in. The next day, they stop paying that post any attention.


Business blogs can’t forget their posts after publishing day. You need to squeeze as much mileage out of your post as you can.


Share your posts on other days as well. Keep sharing old content. If you can’t do it manually, use a plug-in or service that automatically shares old blog posts. Tweet Old Post is a very good WordPress plug-in to share old posts on social networks.


This way, even if you’re only publishing once or twice a week on your business blogs, your old posts will keep grabbing the interest of readers.


Business blogging isn’t hard.

You just need to change how you think of blogging. Strategize, create content, publish and promote it. Rinse and repeat.


The good news is that when it comes to blogging, rarely is a mistake serious enough to ruin your chances at success. You can always make changes and correct mistakes.


If you’re a reader, what blogging mistakes drive you up the wall by your favorite businesses? And if you’re a business blogger, what mistakes have you made?

By Samar Owais
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