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API Powerful API

Learn the curve of managing your Cloud Server with our in-house developed API.

What do we offer?

Everything you need in different programming languages in one place.

For PHP enthusiasts - deployment ready code examples.


For command line geeks - deployment ready code examples.


Coming soon.

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Don't know where to start?

Take a look at our practical guide to API.

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How to start using API

Don’t have a Cloud Server yet?

Unlock extra functionality for your environment built on high-end hardware and high-speed network.
  • KVM virtualization
  • Windows & Linux
  • Powerful API
  • IPv4 and IPv6 support
  • 1 free backup
  • 10G network

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  • Validation messages and UX: checkout email validation and corresponding UX was improved.
  • Request Cancellation button issues on iOS devices fixed.
  • Cloud CA restart request: API fix, unnecessary parameters are no longer passed with restart command.
  • Removed 200Mbps network speed entry: currently network limits are not yet implemented therefore there’s no cap.


  • Added 2 new parameters in /subnets/v6 response:
    • lastAddress – last useable address in subnet range, decided by its CIDR
    • routerCidr – which CIDR to use while routing individual IP addresses


  • The /subnets endpoint was split into /v4 and /v6 according to our new IPv6 feature.
How do I get the API access token?

API access tokens are automatically generated for clients with a Cloud service.

When will I be able to use the API token?

You will be able to use your API access token upon purchasing a Cloud service.

How to use the API?

You can pick any coding or command line language of your choice. The only requirement is that it has to support custom HTTP requests. More in-depth information on API utilization can be found in our documentation.

What are the capabilities of the API?

Our API allows you to manage services and resources within your Cloud Server in a simple, programmatic way using HTTP requests. The vast majority of the functionality of our Client Area is also available through the API.

How to scale my Cloud Server?

You can view and add or remove your resources in the Client Area > Cloud Servers > Upgrade tab. Several limitations apply. Read more