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Think Infrastructure & Network. We Deliver.

Technologically advanced infrastructure and network made to ignite your business.

Our Services

Reliable cloud computing and innovative business solutions adjusting to your business demands.

New location

Enterprise Cloud

Innovative and custom-built server architecture, adjusting to your growing business demands.

Virtuozzo VPS

Expand your business projects worldwide with our reliable and scalable Virtuozzo VPS.


Reliable physical servers, designed for most demanding businesses with critical intensity workloads.


State-of-the-art network infrastructure, developed to cover all your growing business needs.


Highest levels of server performance, network availability and maintenance while you focus on your business.

Hosting Your Success

Aiming to serve hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide, we ensure highest levels of performance and reliability.



500 Gbps




Trusted By

We are proud to deliver superior customer experience for major industries.

Multiple Locations Worldwide

Our top-tier, ISO certified data centers in different regions around the world ensure top quality performance and approach to the major business areas all over the world in Europe, Americas, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Singapore Hong Kong Tokyo Sydney Amsterdam Toronto Chicago New York Ashburn Atlanta Dallas Seattle Sunnyvale Los Angeles Frankfurt São Paulo Johannesburg

Can't find what you're looking for?

Contact us and request a dedicated server in another location. 

Rely on Professionals to Achieve Maximum Success

Lift your business to another level by trusting our state-of-the-art services.


High standards for technical excellence and expertise helps us continuously improve our service quality and advanced performance.

Data Centers

Our Tier 3 classified data centers in multiple locations around the world ensure higher level performance, efficiency and data security.


Knowledgeable, experienced and 24/7 online support team is ready to trouble-shoot, setup update and maintain your server environment.


Scalability is a way to your business growth. Configuring custom features and solutions, we adjust to your individual preferences.


With data and physical security being one of our priorities, we ensure client‘s privacy, relying on innovative and sustainable solutions.


Trusting top tier hardware solutions from market leaders allow us to provide you with powerful enterprise level performance.

Expert Technical Support

Certified Expertise

Our qualified experts hold many professional certifications including: LPIC, CompTIA, ITIL, Zabbix, VMware.

24/7 Assistance

Trained technical support, available at all times, ensures a fast and efficient response to your requests and individual business needs.

Deep Knowledge

Our expertise is a continuous improvement process, allowing our support to provide you with latest technology advances.

Our Partners

High performance and technical expertise standards enable us to build solid business partnerships.

Talk With One of Our Experts

Our experienced and skilled experts are ready to consult you and find the perfect fit for your business success.

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Long-Term Connections

Focusing on advanced personalized support we aim to create a unique customer experience and create long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Continuous Improvement

In order to deliver you high quality performance and increase your business growth, we continue to improve our expertise and seek for innovative solutions.

Being Who You Are

Being true to ourselves and feeling confident about what we do help us achieve a whole new level of productivity, efficiently work in team and communicate.