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How to Change Header for Joomla

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  • At the first step, we would like to modify the pattern of the header part rather, including altering the header.
  • We will alter the template documents utilizing the File Zilla. You may utilize anything technique you usually utilize to modify files on your web server.
  • Now opened the template directory and you may observe that there is the folder named beez3.
  • Joomla System Template

  • Now we have opened the folder named beez3. There is the directory within it named images. We desire to modify the image at the summit of the webpage, thus we require uploading the fresh image to this directory.
  • Joomla System Template Images

  • At the present we are searching the pictures directory. In the left side of pane, we have found the way to the directory holding the latest figure we desire to upload.
  • We have uploaded the latest logo folder by exhausted it from the left side of pane to the correct. In case you have some troubles uploading the file, you might have the permissions difficulty. Observe the preceding technique where we added the fresh template, other than initial had to modify the settings in the Joomla to place file and directory permissions.
  • At the present we have uploaded the new file of the logo, and we require editing the pattern to tip to it. We are reverse in the Joomla management page.
  • Left Click on the Site – Template Manager – Site Templates.
  • Joomla Template Manager

  • At this time is the Template Manager.
  • 1. Choose the template named¬†beez3.
  • Joomla Beez3 Template

  • 2. Left click on the Edit main page template.
  • Edit Beez3 Template Index File

  • The HTML Template editor demonstrates. This demonstrates the HTML of the patterns index.php folder.
  • Joomla Template Beez3 Index File Editor

  • Let us get one more appear at the documents in the File Zilla. At this time once more is the file holding the template of the beez3. You can observe that there simply a small number of things here:
  • 1. Cascading Style Sheet folder holds the template Cascading Style Sheet
  • 2. Pictures holds the images of the template
  • 3. index.php the major template file
  • 4. pattern_thumbnail.png the thumbnail vision of how the pattern appears
  • 5. templateDetails.xml several information regarding the pattern, like writer and making date
  • Joomla Template Files

  • The index file in the folder named template is the position of the file which establishes the location of the modules and substance on the website. Let us obtain appear at it part by part.
  • The index file essentially includes the HTML page with several instructions of the PHP. The HTML resolves how the sheet will present. It essentially has two elements the HEAD of the HTML component and the BODY of the HTML part.
  • The HTML in the file may appear difficult, but it is really pretty easy, as a great fraction of the file consists of items we don’t require to be anxious about. In truth, right currently we simply require to appear at the BODY part. Roll down; you can observe where the BODY part begins.
  • Let us get appear at the website once more. We desire to modify the main picture.
  • In Fire Fox web browser, we can accurate click on the picture and select the Properties.
  • This explains us the name of the file of the logo picture named header.jpg.
  • At the present we go back to the HTML Template editor. Roll down, we situate where the header.jpg name of the file looks in the pattern.
  • We have only modified the name of the file to the new name of the logo, with modified the width and height.
  • Click on the Save command button.
  • Here is the website as it appears at the present. The heading graphic has been altered.
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