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Just starting, growing bigger or a real pro? We cover it all!
Opt for the most suited hosting solution and never look back! Our hosting plans are gently built to adapt to your specific needs. Rely on a top performance service with extra-care customer support and a money-back guarantee.
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Reseller hosting from just $13.70 /month!

Feel secure to trust us with your hosting business! Powerful reseller hosting is run on our premium servers, placed in top locations and powered with any software you need. Reseller hosting plans easily are?customizable and upgradeable as your business grows. Need more resources? Try our Dedicated Servers. Choose your reseller hosting plan:
StarterSuitable for resellers, web designers and web developers.$15.47per month/mo
Disk Space 50 GB
Bandwidth 500 GB
Hosted Domains UNLIMITED
WHMCS Additional fee
PersonalSuitable for resellers, web designers and web developers.$22.26per month/mo
Disk Space 75 GB
Bandwidth 750 GB
Hosted Domains UNLIMITED
Best value
BusinessA good start for new hosting companies and experienced resellers.$38.75per month/mo
Disk Space 125 GB
Bandwidth 1250 GB
Hosted Domains UNLIMITED
Business ProA good start for new hosting companies and experienced resellers.$58.15per month/mo
Disk Space 150 GB
Bandwidth 1500 GB
Hosted Domains UNLIMITED

Server Locations & Local Support

Chicago United States
Chicago, United States A modern data center in Chicago, Illinois, is distinguished by high security standards and thorough server upkeep
cPanel Available
DirectAdmin Coming soon
Amsterdam The Netherlands
Amsterdam, The Netherlands A custom-designed facility in Amsterdam stands out because of excellent functional and physical security and lowest chance of downtime.
cPanel Coming soon
DirectAdmin Available
Šiauliai Lithuania
Šiauliai, Lithuania Comprehensive real-time monitoring and efficient allocation ensures stability and good performance.
cPanel Available
DirectAdmin Available
Frankfurt Germany
Frankfurt, Germany Being one of the most secure and reliable data centers in the world, our server location in Frankfurt sustains uptime and boosts performance.
cPanel Available
DirectAdmin Available
São Paulo Brazil
São Paulo, Brazil With a wide range of security equipment, the facility in São Paulo upholds a secure and reliable environment and preserves server performance.
cPanel Available
DirectAdmin Available
Multiple premium data centers worldwide and responsive local customer support! Why choose a location?

Different locations mean different server placements worldwide. When choosing a location you should consider the proximity of your target market to a specific location, as the distance between the server and the user affects your website loading time. However, the differences in loading time are minor. Increased latency and slight delays are only notable for websites with lots of visual material, e.g. media streamers.

Start your reseller business today!
1 Your business: local or world wide?
Single Location
Starting small? Opt for a single location if your starter business is oriented to a single market or a specific region and provide your customers with the best connectivity and speed.
Multiple Locations
Growing fast? Multiple locations will help you develop your reseller business and respond to your customer needs. By choosing locations in different regions you will ensure a stable service with top performance worldwide.
2 WHMCS or manual billing?
Monthly license $13.80

A fully automated all-in-one client management, billing and support system will get everything done for you –from account provisioning to e-mail reminders.

Manual Billing

Don’t have many clients yet? Use manual billing and cover everything yourself – prepare invoices, send reminders and request additional information.

3 Done! You’re ready to kick off!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need reseller hosting?
With reseller hosting services you can act as a separate hosting company - create shared hosting accounts for your customers or share them with your friends.
How much money can I make being a reseller?
The potential of earning money is almost limitless. As a reseller you are not limited by the provider, you can create your own hosting plans and charge whatever you like. While you grow, you may easily upgrade your reseller hosting plan and generate even more sales.
How long will it take to set up my reseller account?
All reseller hosting accounts are set up immediately after your order.
How many customer accounts can I create?
You may create as many customer accounts as you need.
Will I have to share my control panel with my clients?
With our reseller hosting plans you get full control of all resources. You may also grant access to specific site features that your customers may use. You can choose a free DirectAdmin or cPanel hosting.
Which reseller hosting plan is the best for me?
You can buy one package, or several in different locations. Your decision fully depends on the size of the packages you require. However, as your business grows, you may upgrade your reseller hosting plan without additional charges.