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Host1Plus Now Supports 6 Languages!

The international hosting provider Host1Plus has introduced a renewed website in Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and Lithuanian languages   This week Host1Plus introduced renewed websites in Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and Lithuanian languages to provide better experience to a global customer audience. Since it’s launch in January, the renewed website has been available in English only. The company will provide…

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Host1Plus Launches 1-Click Application Auto-Installer

The international hosting provider Host1Plus launches 1-Click Application Auto-Installer to ease the installation process for VPS hosting users   Earlier this week Host1Plus announced the release of 1-Click Application Auto-Installer for VPS hosting users. The installer is expected to simplify the installation process and reduce the possibility of human error.   1-Click Application Auto-Installer is already available at the checkout…

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Host1Plus Repositions in Asia, Reveals a New Location

The international hosting provider Host1Plus announces the shutdown of its Singapore location, whilst the company prepares for the launch of a new collocation in Hong Kong   This week Host1Plus announced a temporary retreat from Asia due to the shutdown of its Singapore location. The company states that this is a temporary halt of its presence in the region,…

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Host1Plus Client Area Renewed

The international hosting provider Host1Plus presents a renewed Client Area with a simplified layout and more functionality   Earlier this month the company has implemented significant design changes for the internal service control panel. The renewed UI is expected to provide a better customer experience and effortless service management as it was exclusively developed in-house for Host1Plus clients.   The new Client Area brings…

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Host1Plus Launches DDoS Protection

The international hosting provider Host1Plus has teamed up with Staminus, an advanced hybrid DDoS protection solutions provider, to implement DDoS protection for Host1Plus hosting customer audience.   Earlier this week Host1Plus has announced the implementation of DDoS protection for a wide customer audience in all available hosting locations, except Frankfurt, Germany. As DDoS attacks are on the rise and…

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Host1Plus Implements Railgun Users for CloudFlare

The international hosting provider Host1Plus has announced the implementation of Railgun technology for web hosting services   Last week the company has empowered Railgun technology for CloudFlare users. From now on all customers using web hosting with cPanel will be able to enjoy Railgun network optimizer.   Railgun solution will improve the service by solving any problems…

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Host1Plus Halts Cloud Hosting Services

The international hosting provider Host1Plus has announced a temporary shutdown of Cloud hosting services due to infrastructure and system upgrades   This week the company has disabled Cloud hosting service provision for new customers. The aforementioned changes were made in order to prepare for the upcoming fundamental system and infrastructure upgrades.   “The company is undergoing major changes to…

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