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Lithuanian Hosting

Lithuania is small country with highly talented IT professionals. Lithuanian IT professionals and IT market is booming avoiding the challenges of regression in Europe. Lithuanian hosting is also well developed even though it cannot be compared with Netherlands, Germany or UK hosting markets.

The main advantages of Lithuanian hosting are five:

  • Technical support of Host1Plus is located in Lithuania just 100 kilometers away from the data center. In any case they can reach the servers physically just in 1 hour. This makes the service professional and trustworthy.
  • Lithuania does not have any flooding, earthquake, tsunami, fires or other cataclysms, therefore the data in Lithuanian hosting is absolutely safe.
  • The Lithuanian hosting is very cheap. Due to well established market the competition is quite harsh, therefore the affordable web hosting prices are available. They are twice smaller then European average.
  • Lithuania is an EU country, therefore the EU regulations apply to hosting services. That means almost the same conditions as in other EU member countries such as Germany, United Kingdom and The Netherlands.
  • Lithuanian tech support know both Russian and English, therefore are able to provide the top quality support services both to Eastern Europe and Western Europe. The Eastern European markets are developed rapidly, therefore cheap hosting services has got a huge demand.

Host1Plus provides shared hosting services from Lithuanian office for local and international markets.

Lithuanian Data Center Overview

Lithuania is a small country with the developing market. Only half of Lithuanian people are using internet, so in future the usage will grow together with the needs of the hosting services. However Lithuania has 10 datacenters. Majority of them are in the capital Vilnius, where the most of huge companies operate.
The Lithuanian datacenters provides the hosting for more than 20 Lithuanian hosting companies as well as international hosting companies which decided to cooperate with the datacenters of this small but full of challenges country.

There is an interesting fact which show that hosting booming in Lithuania. Recently it was announced that Lithuania has the fastest internet connection in the World. The fastest city is Vilnius, second fastest is another Lithuanian city Kaunas. This feature was reached because of well developed IT infrastructure and marine cables to Norway, Poland and other countries.

The datacenters are located in well equipped and safe facilities with the uninterruptable power source. Lithuania has cold winters and not so hot summers therefore cooling energy is handles wisely and decreases the cost of datacenter services.

If you have decided to host in Lithuania, this is a great decision. Host1Plus ir working with one of the biggest data centers in Lithuania, which is located in Vilnius and offers shared hosting.

Host1Plus Service Guarantees

Host1Plus provides shared hosting services in Lithuania. Also technical support department is located in Lithuania, therefore the best quality support can be provided as well as the hosting services. Also the blog with some advices is presented for the beginning hosting users.

Host1Plus can guarantee the following:

  • 99.9% network uptime.
  • English, Russian and Lithuanian speaking support.
  • 90 days money back guarantee (not applicable to domain names and SSL certificates).
  • Flexible and low prices.
  • Easy and intuitive management of shared hosting plan.
  • Professional services.
  • Community forum support.
  • Quality hosting plans.
  • Few minutes of setting the hosting service.
  • Server backup which allow restoring the project data if something happens with the data.
  • Lithuanian website with easy to understand service descriptions.

Host1Plus is a professional hosting company with affordable hosting prices, with the cheap Lithuanian hosting we can offer an exclusive service, so order now!

Lithuanian hosting is at the best price especially if hosting international projects.

Lithuanian Web Hosting Features

Lithuanian web hosting is a shared web hosting. The main features are universal, but with the professionalism of Host1Plus staff makes them perfect.

The basic features of shared web hosting are:

  • POP/IMAP email management – creating email addresses and aliases, managing auto-responders etc.
  • Email protection services – SpamAssassin software and free Anti-Spam features
  • Backup of the data – stored files can be backed-up if something happens.
  • Compatibility with major programming languages – Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python etc.
  • Easy FTP management – possibility to create different FTP user accounts with the specific access rights.
  • Universal control panel which is easy to understand for beginning administrators who do not have extensive Linux knowledge.
  • Application installers – Softaculous or Installatron which allows to install the needed applications easily.
  • Website Building tool which can help building the simple website without any HTML knowledge.

The shared hosting has also got some limitations for the minimum plan:

  • Up to 5 sub-domains (unlimited for maximum plan).
  • Up to 25 GB of disk space (unlimited for maximum plan).
  • 2 MySQL or PostgreSQL databases (unlimited for maximum plan).
  • Up to 250 GB bandwidth per month (unlimited for maximum plan).

The small and medium business websites and other types of online projects can be hosted with the mentioned Lithuanian shared web hosting features.

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