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Germany Hosting

Why international company should host its websites in Germany? What are the advantages of German hosting? Germany is one of the biggest European country with well developed IT infrastructure. With the population of 85 million people and 50 million internet users it is a huge market locally and internationally. The IT market is huge, therefore lots of quality services can be offered.

The advantages of German hosting are few:

  • Leading European hosting market with huge need of professional IT services.
  • Well developed IT infrastructure (best server hardware, networks, fiber optic technologies and software of hosting management.
  • Stable internet connection guarantees by a few fiber optic cables over the Atlantic.
  • Variety of hosting services both locally and internationally.
  • Center of Europe with great logistics services (it is important moving servers from one data center to another physically).
  • The subsidiaries of the biggest hardware and software providers.
  • The best IT professionals working in hosting business from around the World.
  • English speaking support services.

German hosting is a professional one, therefore it can be used for various international projects. German services are precise and detailed ones, therefore they are valued by the professionals as German work attitude can be noticed in the hosting business as well.

German Data Center Overview

German IT market is big. The territory is also huge, therefore the problems of hosting facilities are the minor ones. German hosting is considered to be a quality one. Also it is quite cheap and affordable hosting as competition of hosting companies and data centers is quite active. The majority of German collocation centers are located not in the capital Berlin, but industrial and business city Frankfurt. Dusseldorf, Munich, Hamburg and Stuttgart are also active players in web hosting business. Other locations also have their own data centers, but in the smaller amounts.

Germany has more than 120 data centers which makes a leading hosting provider in Europe together United Kingdom and the Netherlands. That’s one of the German hosting advantages, because the leader market can provide quality and affordable services. Of course, there are much more hosting companies serving local and international customers.

Germany is a federation by the political terms meaning that the country consist of few small authonomies called “Lands”. Each “land” has its own businesses and hosting providers as local business needs the closer locations. Some “lands” are more industrial, some – agricultural, therefore the spread of data centers and hosting companies are not adequate.

International hosting providers are mostly located in Frankfurt which is considered the IT capital of Germany.

Host1Plus Service Guarantees

Host1Plus provides three types of hosting services in Germany:

  • Shared hosting services.
  • Free web hosting.
  • Cloud hosting solutions.

The Host1Plus partner data center is located in Frankfurt – the capital of German web hosting.

  • 99.9% up-time for all hosting services.
  • English, Russian and Lithuanian speaking support.
  • 90 days money back guarantee of any commercial plan.
  • Flexible prices both for shared hosting and cloud hosting.
  • Easy management of shared hosting plan. Lots of management tools for cloud hosting solutions.
  • Professional additional services, for example extra care support and CDN (Contend Delivery Network – cloud hosting solution for large streaming media projects).

Host1Plus is a professional hosting company with affordable hosting prices, with the cheap German hosting we can offer an exclusive service, so order now! All customers which host in our German servers are satisfied with the services as it is German quality.

German Web Hosting Features

German web hosting features should be described by the each service separately. The most popular hosting service is a shared web hosting.

Main shared hosting features:

  • The easy to use email applications allows managing lots of email boxes, aliases and redirects. Also the administrator may manage POP and IMAP email. The email is protected by the SpamAssassin software.
  • Websites can be built using a simple to use tool Website Builder. It does not require any HTML knowledge.
  • Websites can be easily managed with the auto-installer software which automatically chooses the needed database setting and installs the needed applications for example blogs, forums, e-commerce websites, social networks etc.
  • Easy to use DNS management tools will allow manage the different domain names
  • IP tools will allow managing different international websites.
  • Sub-domain tool will allow crating and managing different sub-domains.

Cloud hosting features are usually based on dedicated server management solutions. Dedicated servers are the exclusive hosting place which is managed by the customer from A to Z.

Another cloud hosting service for streaming media solution is provided. Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a special solution for big projects where lots of information is involved with huge loads of data. The requested information is streamed from the closest location of internet user. German cloud hosting is used to serve the European market together with US dedicated hosting services.

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