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Just starting, growing bigger or a real pro? We cover it all!
Opt for the most suited hosting solution and never look back! Our hosting plans are gently built to adapt to your specific needs. Rely on a top performance service with extra-care customer support and a money-back guarantee.
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Cloud Hosting

Craft your unique Cloud server to achieve top performance and grow your business. Build it by scratch – select your server’s processing power, network, storage, traffic management preferences and many more. Own the most scalable, affordable and reliable cloud infrastructure there is! Need a completely independent system? Try our Dedicated Server Hosting. Choose your Cloud hosting plan:
Due to the ongoing expansion of the Cloud hosting servers new sales are currently unavailable. In the meantime, please check our other products.
Beginner $11.32per month/mo
CPU 1.2 Ghz
RAM 512 MB
Network Speed 15 Mbps
IPv4 Address 1 IP
Advanced $34.56per month/mo
CPU 3.6 Ghz
RAM 1536 MB
Network Speed 45 Mbps
IPv4 Address 1 IP
Expert $67.70per month/mo
CPU 7.2 Ghz
RAM 3584 MB
HDD 140 GB
Network Speed 65 Mbps
IPv4 Address 1 IP
Build your own! Select your individual preferences.
CPU Config
RAM Config
HDD+ Config
Bandwidth Config
IPv4 Address Config
Explore Windows on Cloud
Try Windows on Cloud
Windows Server
Deploy Windows environment on the Cloud and make use of the diversity of Microsoft software - adapt its functionality to improve your performance. Enjoy the resources of a dedicated server for an affordable price.
Client Access Licenses Client Access Licenses allow the connection to Microsoft server software and services. Client Access Licenses come in different modes, depending on the number of users or computers that are allowed to use Microsoft server software. Need to boost the productivity of your business? Get CAL Suites and embrace more functionality at once.
When do you need a CAL? Most of the Microsoft products and services don’t require a separate Client Access License for each unique user and some do not demand them at all. However, it is highly recommended to check the requirements before you opt for a specific product or a service.
Remote Desktop Connection
With Remote Desktop Connection, you can connect to a computer running Windows from another computer connected to the same network or to the Internet. You can use all of your remote computer’s programs, files, and network resources from your personal computer. It’s just like you’re sitting in front of your computer at work – ALL within your reach.
How to connect to a remote computer? Check if your remote computer is turned on and has an active network connection. Make sure that your remote computer is enabled and you have network access to the remote computer. Before you start a connection, check if remote desktop connections are allowed through its firewall.

Why settle on our Cloud?

  • Pay As You Grow Benefit from flexible Cloud hosting solutions and improve your website step by step without wasting money for unnecessary resources.
  • A Premium Location Our Cloud servers are located in Frankfurt, Germany. A reliable environment and top security measures ensure flawless performance for our customers.
  • A Money-Back Guarantee Feel confident and secure - we always provide a 14-day money-back guarantee for all users – no exceptions.
  • Dedicated RAM Enjoy the space you need! Do not feel repressed and smothered by other users - escape interference and system slow-downs for good!
  • Windows & Linux Work with the OS you prefer! Our Cloud is powered by both – Windows OS and Linux OS – to react and adapt to diverse requirements.
  • On-Demand Extra Care Seek support from our customer support team and receive quick and friendly assistance. Host1Plus professionals are always ready to help!
  • Instant Setup Don’t waste time! Set up your website immediately and avoid undergoing long and complex installation and customization processes.
  • Auto Backups We constantly make automated system backups, so you may never feel frustrated if you have forgotten to take care of them on time.