Green Light for Black Friday

Konstantin Boyandin IT & Data Security Specialist
November 25, 2014 Black Friday is always much anticipated – it brings advantages to both merchants and their customers. It never lasts for one day, of course; anyone who knows this frenzy will be glad to experience it again and again.   Well, almost everyone.  The owners of online shops probably know that it isn't enough to offer generous discounts and deals, promotions, prizes and so on. Perhaps the most important part of preparations for Black Friday is getting ready for the huge influx of visitors. Th ...
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Black Week Kickoff with HOST1PLUS!

Viktorija HOST1PLUS Online Marketeer
November 24, 2014 Welcome to our Black Friday sale marathon!   Our annual sale marathon starts Monday morning! Don't dare to lie in - get your coffee and get your discount!   To begin with, let's warm up with a 20% discount for all…

4 Important Factors That Affect Search Rankings

Kerry Butters Published Author & Blogger
November 19, 2014 Search engine optimization is an important part of every online business, as higher search engine ranking means more visitors and more sales.   Without it a site can of course still be ranking in the search engine results pages, or so…

Forever Public: Your Data on the Net

Konstantin Boyandin IT & Data Security Specialist
November 12, 2014 All data placed on the Net is extremely hard to eliminate. Access to private information and behavioral patterns tell more about us than we'd like to reveal.   It's quite simple: the Internet is data flow. It is loaded with information and…

Investors, please do not try building another Facebook!

Marius Professional blogger
April 20, 2009 During the Worldwide recession the lotteries jackpots are still huge therefore people winning them still need to invest few million of dollars or euros or any other currency to some business Internet business is still one of the most attractive…

Everyday's Encryption

Konstantin Boyandin IT & Data Security Specialist
July 21, 2014 If you ask people what they associate encryption with, information security will be mentioned last, if ever. Those using Internet shops and online banking will name padlock icon browser displays when using secure (encrypted) connection.   Is it really everything…

Domain Name Change – Disaster or New Opportunity?

Marius Professional blogger
July 17, 2012 Did you know, that such huge websites like Facebook,, Twitter, PayPal once had different domain names? They changed them due to various reasons and become really recognizable online. Would you mind typing Probably not as you already know…
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