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Common Security Pitfalls: 12 Rules to Keep Data Safe

Konstantin Boyandin IT & Data Security Specialist
October 21, 2014 If you ask a hundred experts about the main rules of data security, you risk to receive a hundred sets of rules. Even though they boil down to quite a few, the approaches can be different.  The twelve rules listed below are all in “do”or “do not” form. Although that may seem kind of strict, reducing options available in many cases, there are dangers that should not be tried jus ...
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The Fundamentals of Great UX

Kerry Butters Published Author & Blogger
October 16, 2014 User experience is a design discipline that’s been around for some time now but has recently been the subject of renewed interest within the design community. Whilst it’s always been a consideration, the mobile revolution has meant that UX has…
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Steganography: Hide and Seek Games

Konstantin Boyandin IT & Data Security Specialist
October 9, 2014 Security is often associated with something hard to crack, extremely reliable, impenetrable. The above could relate to, for example, encryption, when talking about information security.   It can be hard to imagine that opposite approach - placing all data in…
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Is zPanel a Good Open Source Alternative?

Richard Beckker Experienced IT Specialist & Manager
October 7, 2014 Open source control panels versus commercial control panels. If you ever managed a co-located server, dedicated server or virtual private server somewhere, you probably have dealt with this question. You most likely have seen zPanel while browsing for options. Naturally your…

Social media as a Customer Support tool

Marius Professional blogger
August 6, 2009 Social media is a time consuming machine. If the employees of the company spend 1 hour a day in Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn and local or interest based social networks, their productivity is decreased. As the responsible person in the…

Why Revenge Against a Client Can Be Costly

Speider Schneider Professional blogger
February 21, 2013 "I could KILL that client!" you shout across a crowded room or to numerous friends and then the client is found brutally murdered. Guess who becomes the number one suspect? While most people would have the chance to snicker at…

Step by Step Web Design: You Have the Specs, What's Next?

Rob Bowen Professional blogger
May 23, 2013   When it comes to design projects, especially those entering global markets, the process from conception to realization is typically an involved and arduous one. Web design is one of those globally released markets that give the process the added…
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