Why Hackers are Scarier Than Zombies?

Konstantin Boyandin IT & Data Security Specialist
October 30, 2014 Halloween is upon us; all kind of horrors stalk the Earth. However, there's a threat much more dangerous than zombies and other creatures roaming the world. What I have in mind is... hackers. You might have seen how hackers look like in movies. Alas, in reality the picture is quite different - they are much less amiable and not that ridiculous. They are the evil-minded people one should be afraid of. Fear hackers, not zombies! If still in doubt ...
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Common Security Pitfalls: 12 Rules to Keep Data Safe

Konstantin Boyandin IT & Data Security Specialist
October 21, 2014 If you ask a hundred experts about the main rules of data security, you risk to receive a hundred sets of rules. Even though they boil down to quite a few, the approaches can be different.   The twelve rules…
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The Fundamentals of Great UX

Kerry Butters Published Author & Blogger
October 16, 2014 User experience is a design discipline that’s been around for some time now but has recently been the subject of renewed interest within the design community. Whilst it’s always been a consideration, the mobile revolution has meant that UX has…
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Steganography: Hide and Seek Games

Konstantin Boyandin IT & Data Security Specialist
October 9, 2014 Security is often associated with something hard to crack, extremely reliable, impenetrable. The above could relate to, for example, encryption, when talking about information security.   It can be hard to imagine that opposite approach - placing all data in…

How To Find A Job While Never Leaving Your Seat

John Terra Professional blogger and editor
April 16, 2014 Once upon a time, when terms like “Internet” and “lol” didn’t exist, people had to actually leave their homes in order to find a job. The streets were clogged with determined, desperate people, resumes clutched in hand, going from business…
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7 Reasons Why VPS Hosting Is a Smart Choice

John Terra Professional blogger and editor
September 8, 2014 When it comes to website hosting, your choices normally boil down to shared or VPS hosting. Now, if your website is just a simple little affair, dedicated to things like your personal blog, fantasy football activity, or a site dedicated…

8 Inspiring Websites for Small Business Owners

Anneke Steenkamp Professional blogger
April 10, 2014 As a small business you will most likely have to draw your own inspiration and motivation for your company. With personal and professionals blogs all over the place the advice and guidance you can get from other entrepreneurs are endless.…
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