Small business marketing online

How to Market Your Small Business Online

Samar Owais Professional blogger
July 24, 2014 There’s no denying it: marketing a business is a tough job. But marketing a small business? That’s even tougher. You don’t have the budget, resources, or even the connections to get the word out about your business. All you have … is the internet. And with the return on paid ads getting smaller and smaller – they aren’t a marketing resource small businesses can depend on alone anymore. What’s a small business to do?& ...
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Everyday's Encryption

Konstantin Boyandin Professional blogger
July 21, 2014 If you ask people what they associate encryption with, information security will be mentioned last, if ever. Those using Internet shops and online banking will name padlock icon browser displays when using secure (encrypted) connection.   Is it really everything…
How to repurpose old content

How to Repurpose Content Without Pissing Google Off

Samar Owais Professional blogger
July 17, 2014 When it comes to publishing content online, Google’s always been the bad guy.   It’s freakishly sharp at catching folks gaming its algorithm and they change their search engine optimization criteria faster than a baby changes diapers.   Okay, maybe…
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The Timid Blogger's Guide to Increasing Reader Engagement

Samar Owais Professional blogger
July 14, 2014 Can I ask you something?   Do you routinely hesitate before publishing a blog post?   Do you constantly worry about what people will think, how you’ll come across, and even if you’ll have anything interesting to say in the…

How to Check If a Company is Legitimate

Gina Professional blogger
February 11, 2014 Nowadays the internet is full of frauds, therefore less experienced internet users choose to keep away from little known companies. These companies are striving to find their place online and connect to their potential customers, however, they are often rejected…

How to add SpamExperts additional service

Modestas Professional blogger
August 11, 2011 Host1Plus offers you to use not just web hosting and vps services. Also, you can use additional services provided by third party companies. These services have been implemented in the client area to use and manage them quick and easy.…

Cloud Hosting for Personal Use

Marius Professional blogger
July 23, 2012 Cloud hosting is a powerful hosting where resources are allocated in different servers and used upon demand.  That means when huge traffic comes, the resources are used immediately and additional ones can be added safely. Cloud based technologies are already…
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