5 of the Best Productivity Apps

Kerry Butters Professional blogger
September 18, 2014 It’s been said that the lines between work and play are gradually blurring. For some of us, this idea elicits a massive groan of despair, whilst for others, it’s a sigh of relief. The work/play divide and its importance to you depends on many things – what position you hold at work, if you have a family, perhaps it really depends largely on if you actually like your job.Whatever the case, the modern world of work isn’t a terrible place to be for many of us, thanks to technology. Now w ...
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port knocking 2

Port Knocking: Unseen Security

Konstantin Boyandin Professional blogger
September 15, 2014 Security through obscurity is considered weak by itself. If the only problem to find the key is to look under a nearby carpet, it's not much of a security.   However, port knocking differs from other obscuring measures (which should be…

Cloud Services for Small Business

Kerry Butters Professional blogger
September 11, 2014 The cloud, just like many technological ‘products’ is one of those things that intimidates many small business owners simply due to the jargon aspect of it which creates a lack of understanding. This is the reason that the technology has…
VPS hosting

7 Reasons Why VPS Hosting Is a Smart Choice

John Terra Professional blogger
September 8, 2014 When it comes to website hosting, your choices normally boil down to shared or VPS hosting. Now, if your website is just a simple little affair, dedicated to things like your personal blog, fantasy football activity, or a site dedicated…

What is the Best Web Host

Marius Professional blogger
February 13, 2011 Often when starting up a project, we think which webhost should we choose? Will the resources satisfy the needs of our website? And on top of these questions, we face the wide variety of website hosting choices, which is not…

Domain Name Change – Disaster or New Opportunity?

Marius Professional blogger
July 17, 2012 Did you know, that such huge websites like Facebook,, Twitter, PayPal once had different domain names? They changed them due to various reasons and become really recognizable online. Would you mind typing Probably not as you already know…

Why Your Website Doesn't Work!

Speider Schneider Professional blogger
December 19, 2013 When it comes to web design, development, and audience targeting, where do you start, and where do you let go? Where does your trust in the professionals you hire to develop, and design your web presence come into play and…
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