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Intrusion Detection: Foresee Problems

Konstantin Boyandin Professional blogger
September 25, 2014 In real life, in most cases it's hard to penetrate a secured area without leaving no traces altogether.   In cyberspace, everything is more complicated. There are no universal, totally reliable means to guarantee certain areas have not been tampered with. Since every software has its bugs and limitations, every intrusion attempt should be at least detected and reported quickly.   That makes human-only watching nearly impossible. Proper program m ...
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5 of the Worst Social Media Fails

Kerry Butters Professional blogger
September 23, 2014 There’s no hiding on social media and whilst many brands have now come to accept this and up their game, there’s still a good few getting it wrong.   Social has changed the way that consumers interact with businesses forever.…
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The Best Web Hosting Options for Small Websites and Blogs Revealed

Tom Ewer Professional blogger
September 22, 2014 Web hosting is a big deal—it's a prerequisite to having a site at all. But if you're trying to find hosting for a small website, blog, or business, you might be having a tough time. There's no one-size-fits-all solution, but…

5 of the Best Productivity Apps

Kerry Butters Professional blogger
September 18, 2014 It’s been said that the lines between work and play are gradually blurring. For some of us, this idea elicits a massive groan of despair, whilst for others, it’s a sigh of relief. The work/play divide and its importance to…

What Are The Advantages Of Dedicated Server Vs. Cloud Hosting?

Modestas Professional blogger
August 28, 2011 Dedicated server refers to a powerful computer that provides network services to other computers or websites. It makes your website accessible via World Wide Web. The computer has a web sever, software and internet connection. Web hosting companies usually have…

Why Host1plus.Com VPS Is The Best Solution For Your Website?

Vincentas Professional blogger
October 23, 2011 VPS is a website solution, which is powered by the cloud technology. It can give quality performance to any online projects that you have. It equally has more than twenty OS for the installation of templates. This includes the…

Open Source Cloud Management

Marius Professional blogger
July 11, 2012 Host1Plus is a big fan and supporter of the Open Source movement, however some products cannot be fully replaced by the community-developed, thus free of charge applications. Let‘s be frank and admit, that some paid solutions are far away ahead…
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