Data Centers: The Insider's View

Viktorija HOST1PLUS Online Marketeer
December 16, 2014 A data center is much more than a building with a bunch of computers and high electricity costs. Today information storage and transmission have become of grave importance - we all depend on data centers despite our different backgrounds and different needs. If you still lack knowledge about what a data center is and what it's used for, I can explain. A data center is a facility used to house multiple servers, loaded with huge amounts of data. The information t ...
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Holiday Discounts Unwrapped!

Viktorija HOST1PLUS Online Marketeer
December 15, 2014 Let the Holiday Season begin!   Christmas is almost here and pretty soon we will be in our ugly festive sweaters filling up on roast turkey and sweet pies! Are you excited? We sure are!   This year, not all presents are…
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The Way We See Affiliate Marketing

Viktorija HOST1PLUS Online Marketeer
December 15, 2014 There are so many Affiliate Programs that offer plenty of rewards which seem to be quite generous. But why should you trust either of them?   Two months ago we have announced the renewal of our Affiliate Program. The system was upgraded as…

Why Mobile is Damn Important

Kerry Butters Published Author & Blogger
December 11, 2014 Unless you’ve been existing in a vacuum for the last decade, you can’t have failed to notice that the world of mobile has exploded in recent years.   Smartphones have become increasingly sophisticated and we now also have tablets, phablets…

Configuring Your Virtual Machine

Modestas Professional blogger
November 11, 2010 We know how to order VPS hosting from our previous post and I would like to show you how you can property configure your virtual machine under your billing panel. After the administrator will approve your order you will…
Working at Home

The Horrors of Working at Home

John Terra Professional blogger and editor
August 4, 2014 When companies are looking to hire, it’s customary for them to tempt applicants with a package of benefits and perks, to go along with the usual appropriate salary. Thanks to the advent of the wireless mobile networking age, and conveniences…

Control Your Host1Plus Account with One Login

Modestas Professional blogger
August 11, 2011 Host1Plus announces new feature that has been implemented in the client area. Till now, to use client area, submit tickets and login to community forum, you had to use different login details. We have noticed that some clients finds it…
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