Spring Spree

Viktorija Host1Plus Online Marketeer
March 2, 2015 Spring is here, it’s time to enjoy it. Get everything you need with fresh discounts! Enjoy sunny worriless days! All hosting services are available with a 40% discount. Step 1 - Pick your plan from shared, VPS, Cloud, reseller hosting or dedicated servers. Step 2 - Insert promo code SPRING40. Step 3 - Enjoy premium services for a surprisingly low price and share your joyfulexperience with your friends! Please note: additional conditions apply. The discount is valid for the first month. It can be used only once by both new and existing cust ...
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Strong Password Tips

Viktorija Host1Plus Online Marketeer
February 26, 2015 There's always this thing with secure passwords - either the password is not strong enough, or you don't seem to remember it. Is there a way to stay safe and don't crack your head?   Secure passwords are crucial for…

We Believe in Your Ideas!

Judita Host1Plus Professional Blogger
February 24, 2015 There are so many ideas that can really make a change. Every little effort counts and we are ready to  do our best to support bright initiatives worldwide.   Wre are happy to announce that Host1Plus has recently launched a  sponsorship program, dedicated to…

UX Lessons Learned

Judita Host1Plus Professional Blogger
February 19, 2015 If you've been with us for some time, you may have noticed that recently our website underwent some significant changes. We can finally say a few words about our research and changes that were made so as to improve customer experience.…

How to Make Money With Web Hosting

Marius Professional blogger
February 20, 2011 Nowadays, everyone is rushing to make money online and this is becoming some sort of a trend. There are loads of people who make a living just by working on the internet and even more people who just earn the…
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7 Work At Home Habits that Will Cramp Your Style

Anneke Steenkamp Professional blogger
February 13, 2014   Sleeping In and Sleeping Out   As a freelancer, one of the hardest parts of working from home is establishing a productive routine. It’s so much easier to give in to the sleep-in temptation. No-one is watching over you…
Linux VPS Security

First Things First: Harden Security On Your New Linux VPS

Konstantin Boyandin IT & Data Security Specialist
August 21, 2014 Information security isn't rocket science: the basics can be understood and easily followed by everyone. If you embark on using your own VPS for whatever goals you wish to achieve, making your server secure is primary task.   The best…
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