Important: EU VAT Regulation Changes

Viktorija Host1Plus Online Marketeer
January 29, 2015 The new EU VAT regulation changes per January 2015 implement a new policy over all telecommunications, radio and television broadcasting and electronically supplied services. These changes are critical for Host1Plus services accordingly, so we strongly advise to read this post. Due to the recent EU VAT regulation adjustments, as of January 2015 all EU companies selling digital goods online must comply with the following rules: If the ...
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SSL Certificates – Common Sense

Judita Host1Plus Professional Blogger
January 22, 2015 Thinking about security measures when it actually comes to doing business online becomes a very important issue.   Imagine running a business that contains its customers’ sensitive data. If someone hacks your site, you have a lot to lose -…

Terms Of Service Updated!

Viktorija Host1Plus Online Marketeer
January 15, 2015 This year we have been working hard to improve our services and boost our clients’ experience. We are determined to make sure that everything is clear, simple and straightforward.   The new version of Host1Plus Terms of Service were uploaded earlier this week. The new…

Sending Email Securely: How to Avoid Blacklisting

Konstantin Boyandin IT & Data Security Specialist
January 8, 2015 Email was, is and will be one of primary communication means on the Net, for years to come.   Guestbooks and forums, instant messaging and social networks, many communication forms appeared since the invention of email (read: the protocols and…

Is SEO Really Dead?

Marius Professional blogger
July 25, 2012 It is amazing to observe the public madness when it comes to the SEO market. The SEO market is like an iceberg. There are some professionals and experts who sits on the top of the iceberg. Underneath there are crowds…
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Are You Destroying the Design Industry?

Speider Schneider Professional blogger
July 23, 2013   What happens when some designers refuse to use contracts, ask fair rates and do spec work? Does it hurt the industry and other designers? The discussion is always passionate, to say the least, but emotions running high brings out…

How To Make A Keyword Re-Search For Your Website?

Vincentas Professional blogger
January 8, 2012 Search engine optimization professionals use keyword research practice to find the terms people use in search engines when doing their research. These professionals conduct their investigations in order to come up with good ranking of the keyword. Coming up with…
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