Fighting Payment Card Data Theft

John Terra Professional blogger
September 1, 2014 Payment card fraud and data theft costs businesses millions of dollars every year.   And while larger companies may be higher profile targets, at least they have the resources to deal with a breach, as well as the resilience to recover from a financial crisis precipitated by data theft.   You would think that smaller businesses would go unnoticed, but fact is, small businesses are more vulnerable to attack because usually they lack the personnel and resources to adequatel ...
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The Great Comment Debate: Should You Enable or Disable Them?

Samar Owais Professional blogger
August 28, 2014 Comments on blogs are often touted as the only reliable way to discern the success of a blog.   After all, comments are a sign of an engaged readership. If a post has a lot of comments, it means the…

Looking for a WordPress Theme? 7 Questions You Need to Answer Before Making a Decision

Samar Owais Professional blogger
August 25, 2014 Choosing a WordPress theme for your website or blog is a big decision.   You want to choose a theme that makes a good impression, instills confidence in visitors and attracts business.   That’s a difficult task for any theme to…

First Things First: Harden Security On Your New Linux VPS

Konstantin Boyandin Professional blogger
August 21, 2014 Information security isn't rocket science: the basics can be understood and easily followed by everyone. If you embark on using your own VPS for whatever goals you wish to achieve, making your server secure is primary task.   The best…

Guard Your Server With IPSet

Konstantin Boyandin Professional blogger
July 28, 2014 Firewall is the first line of defense of any computer directly exposed to the Internet. However, iptables, talking about Linux, isn't a user-friendly tool. It's very low-level and can be quite cryptic at the first glance. This is why suites like…

CEO's blog should be a mini-blog

Marius Professional blogger
September 3, 2009 Social media gurus keep speaking about corporate blogs all the time -- CEOs should have one or at least assign the task of running a blog to their subordinates. Great! But what should a CEO write about and how should…

Website load time matters!

Vincentas Professional blogger
May 7, 2010 The latest news from Google reveled that is heading to the right direction! servers are optimized with maximum performance which guarantees all websites fast load time. What was the tests and benchmarks done to system. Firstly we…
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