Jack of All Trades, Master of None

Starting a small business might lead to your job description being far more than what you planned for. Instead of just programming or developing, you have to play admin assistant, social media manager, public relations manager and accountant.

In the beginning it might seem like you have everything under control, but as soon as you business starts to grow and develop, you might start having some issues.
While you are trying to juggle all your new-found responsibilities you might lose sight of what it is that you wanted to achieve. Outsourcing these positions will give you the chance to focus on your job role and allow someone else to take responsibility for the rest.

Want to Go Into a Managerial Role?

The same goes for when you are looking to change your position within your company. If you are looking to become a production or project manager you wouldn’t want to answer the phone and reply to emails all day, right?
Outsourcing your admin responsibilities to a virtual assistant will allow you to focus on establishing you managerial role.

Looking To Boost Your Profits?

As a business professional it is likely that you are focused on growing your business and boosting your profits. Contrary to popular belief, hiring someone or outsourcing a fraction of your work can lead to increased profits.
Doing accounting, admin and customer relation tasks yourself could be time consuming. In the world of business, time is money and the less time you spend on your main purpose the less money will come rolling in. Doing everything yourself might lead to small savings with regard to business expenses, but it won’t generate an overall profit increase.
Outsourcing allows you to delegate and shift your focus without paying someone a full time salary. Outsourcing could be done on a freelancer or ‘as-needed’ basis. While you are doing your main job, your outsourcing agents will take care of the rest. So much more work gets done daily which in affect leads to business growth.

Dealing With Customers

Depending on the type of business or service you run, you will have certain customer service responsibilities. If you are running a monthly service to a list of clients, chances are that they are going to have problems, queries or concerns.
This might also be the case when running an e-commerce site or selling products. It’s crucial to keep your clients and customers happy through efficient and clear communication. Because of this, customer care can become extremely time consuming. Outsourcing these customer care positions through the use of Internet-based computer and phone systems through a virtual assistant could be just what you need.
These virtual assistants will educate themselves in your business culture as well as your services so. That way the customers or clients will be under the impression that they are dealing with someone in-house. If you don’t feel comfortable with virtual assistants on a live chat basis you could outsource your social media interaction to a freelance social media manager.
This way the interaction can take place through the social media channels and your clients would also feel less ‘exposed’ when voicing their concerns. A lot of businesses are taking the direct approach when interacting with their following through social media.

Find the Right People

If you are planning to outsource some of your work, there are a variety of methods that you could consider. The world has become one and you could adequately do business with clients on the other side of the world. Through the use of Internet telephones, Skype, Google Hangouts and plain old email, your outsourcing agent is just an internet connection away.
Make sure that you go through the right channels when obtaining your virtual assistants or freelance individuals. Research their online reputations, check their qualifications and ask for references. Also make sure that you provide them with written agreements or contracts of what is expected, pay on time and keep your promises.