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Regarding the Recent SolusVM Security Breach

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As many of hosting-related community members already know, there was a huge SolusVM security breach, starting June 16th 2013. The exploit struck all (including beta) SolusVM versions, allowing even the lowest access level VPS holders to become the masters (admins) of the whole SolusVM based VPS hosting infrastructure. Many reputable worldwide hosting providers were seriously harmed because of this publicly available 0 day exploit.


HOST1PLUS, VPS provider for thousands of customers in more than 160 countries got into the harmed companies’ list as well.


All but approx. 50 HOST1PLUS premium VPS users’ data was successfully restored in less than 8 hours, since this exploit was publicly announced..


The internet culprit that used the exploit is now found. His real identity, IP address, home address, phone number, e-mail address and even the social media accounts’ addresses are known for the inner HOST1PLUS white hat security team and his personal data is transferred to the official Great Britain cyber-crime (New Scotland Yard) institutions.


HOST1PLUS thanks all the users for their patience and collaboration eliminating this unpleasant experience.


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