I’m a brush and filter freak. I keep one computer with OS9 so I can continue using Eye Candy® and Kai’s Power Tools® with my designs. Sure there’s some cool and helpful filters and tools built in to Photoshop and Illustrator, and brushes and textures are all over the web, but when I saw Flame Painter Brushes, I felt something I haven’t experienced since the days before Adobe Creative Suite, smartphones and shops specializing in only gourmet cupcakes with bacon.


Flaim Painter

Naturally, you can try it out for free and if you like it… and what’s not to like… there are different levels of pricing for the full version for both windows and MAC. Sure, there are lots of free brushes out there, but how much time would you have to spend finding and installing them, and will they always work? Nothing is really free in this world and certainly not in the digital world.


This new version gives you incredible results —  supersmooth antialiasing, unlimited layers and editable vector layers in the Professional Edition. Brush options include Flame, Follow, and Ribbon brushes. There are presets, darken and lighten modes and gradient transitions, of course, and, original editableVector Layers – where you can change every parameter of the brush stroke after painting. Just in case you do want to add your favorite brushes from the internet there’s the ability to drag-and-drop brushes from any website.


Flaim Painter 2

Flaim Painter 3

Flaim Painter 4


Flame Painter creator, Peter Blaškovič, after spending a year on the development of Flame Painter says:


With its unique flame brushes, inspirational nature, and innovative application, which started as a local experimental project, has already attracted hundreds of thousands people worldwide. Today it is used widely not only by professional designers, and enthusiasts, but also at schools to encourage children to be creative.


Flaim Painter  brush

Flaim Painter  brush 2


I guess the best proof is in what this application can do. Check out some of the pieces in the extensive gallery then download the free version and play. To make it even more exciting, there will be a version available soon for the iPad and iPhone!