Creatives sometimes stray and we seek therapy through little sins of our design work. It’s rumored, and proven in some cases, that Disney animators placed naughty images into family films. There is a penis in the cucumber of Veggie Tales and some illustrations and designs are not so subtle is the hidden filth placed by devious designers and illustrators.


Personally, I’m guilty and must beg forgiveness… although I haven’t gotten around to the begging part just yet. Incredible boredom forced me to Photoshop a nude Daphne while working on an endless Scooby-Doo™ project. The devil made me replace the “Psychiatric Help 5¢” on Lucy’s sign in a peanuts project with the offer of something very nasty for 5¢ and anger at a design-by-committee drove me to airbrush the cleavage of Glinda, the good witch in the Wizard of Oz, into double-d yaboos. There’s other… mistakes I’ve made over my career, like working for High Times magazine, although I don’t remember much from that job, for obvious reasons but who are YOU to judge me? As one of the tattoos on my right arm proclaims, “God alone will be my judge.”


I have fellow designers who proudly display their sins of creativity all over Facebook and until we are sent cease and desist orders by the licensors of these characters, the sinning will continue. That, however is just one form of self-healing therapy from the little aggravations of a creative existence. If you haven’t visited the site, Clients From Hell, you need to share the pain and laughter of a site dedicated to the incredible, utter stupidity that comes up during the simplest of projects and why we hide little messages in the designs of the most difficult clients.

Clients hell


An older but ongoing art project, open to anyone who needs to confess, is Post Secret. Participants handmade postcards and spill their secrets and then send it into the project headquarters. With over six-hundred million visits and more than one million Facebook followers, it’s kept the therapy going for lots of sinners and those who haven’t yet admitted to their sins but like to know they aren’t alone.

Post Secret


Well, the newest form of revenge/therapy is the site “The Creative Confessional.” With a religious undertone, you may go to anonymously confess your design sins and be judged by fellow creatives. If you work in advertising, chances are you need absolution by the truckload. Will you be absolved or condemned? Does it really matter because we all know we’ll keep doing the same funny stuff over and over again!

The creative confessional


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