How to Choose a Hosting Type?

Judita Host1Plus Professional Blogger
March 25, 2015 Choosing a hosting type might become a difficult and onerous task. There simply are too many hosting types and so many different plan packages to choose from. Can you handle it? Let's see if we can help. You might ask why is it so important as the only thing that matters is that you actually have your online project running. Actually, it does matter. It is not enough that you have your project running, but soon you might realize that it is not going to the right direction at all. ...
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Efficiently Hosting a WordPress Website

Judita Host1Plus Professional Blogger
March 4, 2015 Often overlooked, efficient WordPress hosting is one of the best ways to start and develop an online project. In case if you are not IT-savvy, you are still able to power-up your ideas online. Take a peek at the main steps to make…
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Spring Spree

Viktorija Host1Plus Online Marketeer
March 2, 2015 Spring is here, it’s time to enjoy it. Get everything you need with fresh discounts!   Enjoy sunny worriless days! All hosting services are available with a 40% discount.   Step 1 - Pick your plan from shared, VPS, Cloud, reseller hosting…
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Strong Password Tips

Viktorija Host1Plus Online Marketeer
February 26, 2015 There's always this thing with secure passwords - either the password is not strong enough, or you don't seem to remember it. Is there a way to stay safe and don't crack your head?   Secure passwords are crucial for…

Domain Name Change – Disaster or New Opportunity?

Marius Professional blogger
July 17, 2012 Did you know, that such huge websites like Facebook,, Twitter, PayPal once had different domain names? They changed them due to various reasons and become really recognizable online. Would you mind typing Probably not as you already know…

How to Optimize VPS Performance

Modestas Professional blogger
November 10, 2010 As you all know that Host1Plus web hosting provider will start to provide VPS hosting. In this case we want you to give some advices how you can optimize your virtual private server that you will get the best of it.…

How to Fight With Server High Load

Modestas Professional blogger
June 26, 2011 The server machines get congested with the many programs and activities that run through them. This may make your server machines slow their operating speeds thus slowing down all the computer machines connected to the server. Some of the main…
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