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Ride the Markdown Tide!

Viktorija Host1Plus Online Marketeer
July 30, 2015 Hey guys, having a great summer?   We can make it even better with some markdowns for your beloved hosting plans. Catch your discount while you can!   A splash of markdowns is now available for all web and VPS hosting services. Use SPLASH and get 40% off your selected plan for up to 6 months.   Choose wisely as the code is valid only once per single service. Take your time - the offer stands till 09/01.   Also check out our deals in South Africa - get a 50% discount for VPS  ...
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Stirring Waters in UX: Client Area Renewed

Judita Maslauskaite Host1Plus Professional Blogger
July 28, 2015 According to IBM, “ease of use may be invisible, but its absence sure isn’t." And that’s what defines the whole UX idea just in a few words.   Making the right decisions based on you, on your comfort and your…

Host1Plus Implements DNS Management

Judita Maslauskaite Host1Plus Professional Blogger
July 6, 2015 Hos1Plus has recently added DNS management along all hosting services. From now on all of the clients who have at least one domain or one active service at Host1Plus can enjoy a simplified domain management process.   If some are still…
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Summer Saver

Judita Maslauskaite Host1Plus Professional Blogger
June 1, 2015 Stay cool with generous summer discounts from Host1Plus!   Power-up your online projects and enjoy hot discounts! Lay back and let us do the work - immaculate service performance and faultless uptime guaranteed.   All you need to do is to use…

VPS Hosting Launch

Modestas Professional blogger
October 8, 2010 Host1Plus web hosting receives many questions and request when VPS hosting will be finally ready. I can tell you the date, but firstly would like to introduce this cool service that is provided by Host1Plus. Firstly, this is not some kind…

E-blah Hosting for Alternative Community

Marius Professional blogger
October 3, 2012 When webmasters start speaking about the community or forum software, they usually stick to one or two open source bulletin board software. It seems that world is turning around two forum software, but it si not so. There are many…

Terms Of Service Updated!

Viktorija Host1Plus Online Marketeer
January 15, 2015 This year we have been working hard to improve our services and boost our clients’ experience. We are determined to make sure that everything is clear, simple and straightforward.   The new version of Host1Plus Terms of Service were uploaded earlier this week. The new…