Crowdsourcing – Exploit Your Opportunities

Judita Host1Plus Professional Blogger
May 6, 2015 Crowdsourcing has been on the wave the last decade and not without a reason. As you will take a peak and will look deeper, you will see that many small business, start-ups, original and content rich ideas has become reality because of this original worldwide project created to support those, who are looking for support deserved. What Is Crowsourcing?  If you are still wondering what we are talking about, let us  ...
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Railgun Technology Available for CloudFlare Users

Judita Host1Plus Professional Blogger
April 15, 2015 Last week our team has introduced Railgun network optimizer for those who are using CloudFlare services. From now on, our shared hosting users with cPanel will be able to take the advantage of this additional feature and optimize their websites…

WP Super Cache Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability

Viktorija Host1Plus Online Marketeer
April 10, 2015 WP Super Cache, a WordPress plugin, has been reported to contain a persistent Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability. All WordPress users who are using this plugin are strongly advised to update as soon as possible.   WP Super Cache is one of…

WHD Global 2015: Insightful and Content Rich

Judita Host1Plus Professional Blogger
April 1, 2015 Last week we had the pleasure to participate in WHD Global 2015 in Rust, Germany. While we're still full of  excitement, let us share our experiences.     For those who have never heard about this event, WHD Global is an annual conference for IT enthusiasts,…

Website load time matters!

Vincentas Professional blogger
May 7, 2010 The latest news from Google reveled that Host1Plus is heading to the right direction!  Host1Plus servers are optimized with maximum performance which guarantees all websites fast load time. What was the tests and benchmarks done to Host1Plus system.   Firstly…
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Is Google cooking-up something HUGE?

Marius Professional blogger
August 18, 2009 Google is notorious for waiting around while everyone else is proclaiming its fall, then standing up and kicking its rivals where it hurts most. Can't think of any cases like that? Well, remember when Microsoft was investing in Facebook? Everyone…
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Why the Mention of Crowdsourcing Sends Designers into a Murderous Rage

Speider Schneider Professional blogger
May 13, 2013 I recently made the mistake of including a link to a design contest site in a business article. Of all the suggestions for small businesses to improve their web presence, I had a sentence on using crowdsourcing for small budgets…
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