First Things First: Harden Security On Your New Linux VPS

Konstantin Boyandin Professional blogger
August 21, 2014 Information security isn't rocket science: the basics can be understood and easily followed by everyone. If you embark on using your own VPS for whatever goals you wish to achieve, making your server secure is primary task.  The best solution is to contact experts in this area. However, cost-efficient first steps can be performed by everyone. In the l ...
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9 Things to Look Out for When Choosing Your Web Hosting Partner

Samar Owais Professional blogger
August 18, 2014 Choosing a web hosting partner is a big decision.   It’s a business decision that needs extra attention and research – especially if you’re running an online business.   The wrong choice can affect your website’s traffic, sales, and even…

The Busy Entrepreneur's Guide to Starting a New Blog from Scratch

Samar Owais Professional blogger
August 14, 2014 Starting a new blog from scratch is exciting. The possibilities seem endless. Unfortunately, the work that goes into launching a new blog seems endless too.   There are just so many things to do! If you’re a busy entrepreneur with…

3 Business Email Practices That Get More Responses

Samar Owais Professional blogger
August 12, 2014 “The money’s in the list.”   You’ve heard the advice before - an email newsletters is your ticket to online marketing success.   But I’m going to tell you something you’re not going to like. The advice is no longer…

How to add MaxCDN additional service

Modestas Professional blogger
August 12, 2011 MaxCDN is another additional service offered by Host1Plus. MaxCDN is a content delivery network that delivers your websites files via hundreds of servers with fast load times. With this service your content is distributed to your visitors via the closest…

Web servers in web hosting service

Modestas Professional blogger
May 17, 2010 Web servers in always are in constant monitoring. Web hosting service in is based on DELL servers with Energy Smart technology. They are connected on the most reliable European and Asia networks. To make it more stable…

How Affiliate Program Works?

Vincentas Professional blogger
February 5, 2012 Whenever you start up a website of your own, you have to put into deep consideration which web host you should choose. You should always look for the one that has resources that will satisfy the needs of your website.…
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