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Strong Password Tips

Viktorija Host1Plus Online Marketeer
February 26, 2015 There's always this thing with secure passwords - either the password is not strong enough, or you don't seem to remember it. Is there a way to stay safe and don't crack your head? Secure passwords are crucial for all nowaday activities online. I'm not really sure that I have to remind you, but there's always someone out to get you. Anyone may take a peek at your online activities and take a chance to put you in a really bad situation. Having this in mind, take a look at these basic tips on how to create a stro ...
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We Believe in Your Ideas!

Judita Host1Plus Professional Blogger
February 24, 2015 There are so many ideas that can really make a change. Every little effort counts and we are ready to  do our best to support bright initiatives worldwide.   Wre are happy to announce that Host1Plus has recently launched a  sponsorship program, dedicated to…

UX Lessons Learned

Judita Host1Plus Professional Blogger
February 19, 2015 If you've been with us for some time, you may have noticed that recently our website underwent some significant changes. We can finally say a few words about our research and changes that were made so as to improve customer experience.…
10 minimal wordpress themes big

10 Minimal WordPress Themes for Bloggers

Viktorija Host1Plus Online Marketeer
February 12, 2015 If you are looking for a theme that would not mute your rich content, you definitely should opt for a clean minimalist theme.   No matter whether you are a fashion blogger, an interior designer, a photographer or another creative…

GNU Privacy Guard: Lock, Stock and Barrel of Security

Konstantin Boyandin IT & Data Security Specialist
December 1, 2014 Cryptography can look like rocket science: unless you wish to sacrifice reliability and real security, it's pure mathematics - well beyond whatever we all could study in school.   Luckily, there's still a way out for those of us who…
Smart Watches

Not So Smart: A Sneak Peek at Smart Watches

John Terra Professional blogger and editor
July 31, 2014 We live in an age where so many of our appliances are smart. There are smart phones, smart televisions, even smart household appliances like refrigerators, dish washers, and washing machines. So why not smart watches?   What is a smart…

Control Your Host1Plus Account with One Login

Modestas Professional blogger
August 11, 2011 Host1Plus announces new feature that has been implemented in the client area. Till now, to use client area, submit tickets and login to community forum, you had to use different login details. We have noticed that some clients finds it…
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