Guard Your Server With IPSet

Konstantin Boyandin Professional blogger
July 28, 2014 Firewall is the first line of defense of any computer directly exposed to the Internet. However, iptables, talking about Linux, isn't a user-friendly tool. It's very low-level and can be quite cryptic at the first glance. This is why suites like CSF have been developed; they all are low-level (require much more than basic knowledge of the OS), however they provide a far more user-friendly interface and features list. Iptables is but an interface to underlying kernel-level framework, known ...
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Small business marketing online

How to Market Your Small Business Online

Samar Owais Professional blogger
July 24, 2014 There’s no denying it: marketing a business is a tough job. But marketing a small business? That’s even tougher.   You don’t have the budget, resources, or even the connections to get the word out about your business. All you…

Everyday's Encryption

Konstantin Boyandin Professional blogger
July 21, 2014 If you ask people what they associate encryption with, information security will be mentioned last, if ever. Those using Internet shops and online banking will name padlock icon browser displays when using secure (encrypted) connection.   Is it really everything…
How to repurpose old content

How to Repurpose Content Without Pissing Google Off

Samar Owais Professional blogger
July 17, 2014 When it comes to publishing content online, Google’s always been the bad guy.   It’s freakishly sharp at catching folks gaming its algorithm and they change their search engine optimization criteria faster than a baby changes diapers.   Okay, maybe…
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Web Design for mobiles

Marius Professional blogger
August 13, 2009 When you’re producing a stunning web design, it’s possible to forget those who have a slower means of which to connect to that website. Think of people using a dial-up connection; or those with a slower mobile phone. I asked…

How to configure Exim for Linux server

Marius Professional blogger
May 22, 2011 The EXIM (experimental internet mailer) is a program that is solid and has a single binary solution for mail delivery. It is quite easy to configure the EXIM to a full operational entity. The instructions to follow Open the terminal…

Social Media Etiquette 101: The Art of Asking For a Favor on Social Media

Samar Owais Professional blogger
May 16, 2014   Let’s face it.   If you’re using social media for your business, there will come a time when you’ll need a favor from someone influential in your network. It isn’t a matter of if but a matter of when.…
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