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The Fundamentals of Great UX

Kerry Butters Published Author & Blogger
October 16, 2014 User experience is a design discipline that’s been around for some time now but has recently been the subject of renewed interest within the design community. Whilst it’s always been a consideration, the mobile revolution has meant that UX has had to be reconsidered when designing for the smaller screen. Good UX directs the user around a site, ensuring that the experience is as painless as possible and the buying process for ecommerce sites is flawless. Bad UX can seriously affect traffic ...
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Steganography: Hide and Seek Games

Konstantin Boyandin IT & Data Security Specialist
October 9, 2014 Security is often associated with something hard to crack, extremely reliable, impenetrable. The above could relate to, for example, encryption, when talking about information security.   It can be hard to imagine that opposite approach - placing all data in…
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Is zPanel a Good Open Source Alternative?

Richard Beckker Experienced IT Specialist & Manager
October 7, 2014 Open source control panels versus commercial control panels. If you ever managed a co-located server, dedicated server or virtual private server somewhere, you probably have dealt with this question. You most likely have seen zPanel while browsing for options. Naturally your…
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Keeping Private Data Secure in the Cloud

John Terra Professional blogger and editor
October 2, 2014 Back at the end of August, around 200 pictures and videos of over 100 celebrities, most of them female and some images containing nudity, were hacked courtesy of a breach of iCloud, Apple's cloud services suite. By using a targeted…
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Why the Demise of Google Reader Matters!

Rob Bowen Professional blogger
March 25, 2013 In another bout of spring cleaning, Google just recently announced the coming demise of one of their popular apps, Google Reader, among others. And even though it is part of a larger move and a whole string of discontinued apps,…

How to Make Money With Web Hosting

Marius Professional blogger
February 20, 2011 Nowadays, everyone is rushing to make money online and this is becoming some sort of a trend. There are loads of people who make a living just by working on the internet and even more people who just earn the…

Give your Drupal better performance

Marius Professional blogger
May 17, 2011 Drupal is a free and open source of content management system. It enables people put their company information in order on websites. Content management framework is very important to any company or individual posting information online. Through these services, many…
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