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Welcome to Host1Plus Affiliates Program!
Spread the word about a trustworthy service to your friends and followers, and we’ll turn your sincere recommendations into earnings.
Home Affiliate Program
Start earning money today
Sign up! To get started, create your affiliate account and get a $10 sign-up bonus! Enjoy a free Affiliate membership without extra fees and complicated conditions!
Spread the word! Choose links or banners from our database and add them to your website. Share the message with your followers, friends and family! It’s as easy as that!
Earn money! We value your recommendations! Start with 50% or $25 for each referred client and earn extra for each sub-referral. The more people you reach, the more you earn!
What exactly do you get?
  • Earn up to $115 per referral! Start small, aim big.
  • Get paid regularly. Commissions are handed out each month.
  • Receive a $10 sign-up bonus. Get off to a good start!
  • Real-time statistics and reporting. Track your progress!
  • No risk. Join for free and get everything you need.
  • No limits. Get every penny you earn.
How much can you earn?
For sales under $40
Tier 3 - 150%If your referrals top 25 sales per month, you get extra 50% for each one.
Tier 2 - 125%If your referrals top 15 sales per month, you get extra 25% for each one.
Tier 1 - 100%If your referrals order services for less than $40 – you will still receive your commissions. Always get 100% of the amount of money your referrals spend! Draw more and get extra for every purchase they make.
For sales $40 and more
Tier 3 - $115If your referrals top 25 sales per month, you get extra $50 for each one.
Tier 2 - $90If your referrals top 15 sales per month, you get extra $25 for each one.
Tier 1 - $65If your referrals order services for over $40, you will receive a fixed amount of $65 to your Affiliate account. Climb tiers and earn extra for each referral you attract – opt for the max and get up to $115 for every single one.
How to become a successful Affiliate?
Become an Affiliate
How do I sign up?
You can sign up for our Affiliate Program at https://affiliates.host1plus.com.
Do I have to be a customer to become an Affiliate?
Absolutely not! Everyone interested in our Affiliate Program is welcome.
How long will it take to become an Affiliate?
You become our Affiliate the moment you sign up.
How much does it cost?
Nothing! Host1Plus Affiliate Program has an open membership and is available for free.
Promote Our Services
Where can I get links and banners?
You may access all promotional material at your Affiliate Account.
Do I need any specific skills?
No specific IT or marketing skills are required.
Track Your Progress
How do I track my sales activity and commissions?
To track your sales and Affiliate commissions, log in to your Affiliate Account.
What should I do if my generated sales don’t show up on my Affiliate Account?
If you have any questions or experience any problems with your Affiliate Account or commissions, please contact us at affiliates@host1plus.com.
Generate Sales
How do you track referral transactions?
Each Affiliate receives a unique code that is placed along with the promotional material on the Affiliate’s website. Once his visitors click on the banners or links, this code tracks the behavior of the visitor and directs the information about his purchases directly to the Affiliate Account.
How do you know which Affiliate to pay for the sale?
The unique Affiliate code, described above, contains particular code, used to identify each Affiliate and relate their generated sales to their Affiliate Accounts.
How long does it take for a sale to show up on my Affiliate Account?
All generated sales show up immediately. However, all of the sales must be verified by our team.
Earn Commissions
How will I get my earned Affiliate commissions?
Earned Affiliate commissions are transferred directly to your PayPal account or Host1Plus credit balance.
When will I be paid?
All commissions are handed out once every month, on the 25th day sharp.
Can I use my commissions to pay for my services at Host1Plus?
Of course! Earned Affiliate commissions can be transferred to your Host1Plus credit balance, therefore you may use them to pay for your services in just a few clicks. To pay for your services using earned Affiliate commissions, log in to your Client Area.
What is the minimum payout in this Affiliate Program?
Cash out your earned Affiliate commissions when you reach $50 or more.