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About us?

It's all about you!
Our company was carefully built to create high-value hosting services and true long-term relationships with our clients and supporters. The values we own today – reliability, tolerance, partnership - were rooted by our customers over the years of successful collaboration.
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Meet our Team!

Edgaras S. Systems Developer

Roars when there’s an error in his software.

Edgaras produces and improves various software solutions. His skills are especially tailored to control hardware and everything else related to the back-end systems.

Julius Designer

Julius spends his free time with his growing family.

He is responsible for creating amazing customer experiences. He explores many different approaches to solve design and functionality problems and makes sure your every visit is pleasant.

Kęstutis Customer Support Specialist

Kęstutis is passionate for astronomy, music and travelling.

As a support specialist he is helping customers to use their services and ensure performance of services.

Simonas Web Developer

A bright mind and a persistent online chess player.

Simonas focuses on front-end development, testing and perfecting cross-browser, cross-platform and cross-device functionality, accessibility and usability. His work is dedicated to pleasant user experiences.

Petras Senior Technician

Petras is a highly-skilled photography enthusiast.

He identifies and addresses technical problems, deals with a broad range of hardware and software problems and does his best to resolve them ultra-fast.

Viktorija Online Marketing and Communications Specialist

A foodie and a travel junkie. The most extreme experience: ate pizza in Japan.

While working closely with all departments of the company, Viktorija prepares all external and internal communications – from promotional campaigns to web content.

Dainius Head of Customer Support

Dainius is a basketball enthusiast interested in photography. He is always up for new challenges and is excited to try something new.

His sociable personality bursts while he’s at work. Dainius is always there – ready to help. He finds that sincere communication with the clients builds stronger relationships and trust.

Edgaras J. Developer

Edgaras has a life-long interest in physical fitness - building muscle since the 90s.

He is a front-end, PHP developer, always busy testing products, maintaining the systems and presenting ideas for system improvements. Serious at work, but really fun when he’s at least 3 feet away from the PC.

Justas Customer Support Specialist

Justas is into fishing, skiing and technologies.

He assists customers in service set up and management, including installation, maintenance, upgrades and other matters.

Darius K. Technician

Darius is on the front lines making sure that everything works just right and our customers are happy with their services.

Darius is a technician who focuses on level 3 support and your service upkeep - he is devoted to ensure top quality and immaculate performance throughout the company.

Eidmantas CMO

Eidmantas is one of the most restless individuals in the office.

While running the dynamics of the whole marketing department, he’s always on the go: bringing innovative ideas, creative solutions and an out-of-the-box view to traditional marketing means.

Linas Systems Developer

Linas is a broad-minded person who is into philosophy and PC games. While not on-duty, he deeply enjoys playing the guitar.

Together with a skilled team of developers Linas creates complex back-end systems. Always focused on quality, he is keen on research and innovation.

Vytautas Customer Support Specialist

A dynamic soul addicted to adrenaline and crazy for all kinds of active sports – from kitesurfing to snowboarding and many more.

Being always supportive and friendly, Vytautas is devoted to helping people with their problems. He guides confused customers through all aspects of service set-up, installation and maintenance.

Aurimas Marketing Manager

A business graduate and a cycling fanatic who only leaves work so he could come again.

Being responsible for increasing the visibility of our website, Aurimas creates and executes amazing search engine marketing strategies while observing, experimenting and testing surprising methods and techniques.

Judita Communications Specialist

A passionate accordionist and a science geek.

Judita prepares website content, engages in research, develops and maintains corporate blogs. While being obsessed with all digital experiences, Judita writes about everything she lays her hands on.

Darius B. Web Developer

When you think that you are insane for arriving at 6 a.m. , Darius is already there programming.

Darius creates amazing things while writing and coding – his carefully-built modules, add-ons and customizations create a better experience for our customers.

Modestas Network Administrator

Modestas is going crazy when it comes to the dances, music and great food.

Modestas is responsble for our network security and infrastructure upkeep. He's the guy who works hard to catch the badies and help out the good guys.

Deividas COO

Deividas always has a good attitude and sharp mind.

The core of his work is quality assurance and analytics, thus Deividas is working hard to deliver value to our customers and brings his diligence and passion for his work.

Algirdas Technician

Algirdas is a proud dog owner with a whimsical sense of humor.

When he’s not telling jokes, Algirdas does a great job taking care of our servers – fixing software and hardware problems, installation and upkeep.

Saulius Designer

Saulius fuels his creative juices by capturing daily life moments with his vintage film camera.

He is the person behind our company’s image. Being responsible for our brand development and visual material, Saulius exploits his skills to make us stand out from the crowd.

Our Story

  • 2008 The Launch
  • 1st data center in London, UK
  • 1st data center in Vilnius, LT
  • 2009 Hard Work
  • New data center in Amsterdam, NL
  • New data center in Frankfurt, DE
  • New data center in Singapore, SG
  • 2010 Growing Fast
  • New services – Cloud Hosting
  • 2012 New Challenges
  • New services – VPS and Dedicated Servers
  • 2013 New Continents
  • New data center in Santiago, CL
  • New data center in Johannesburg, ZA
  • 2014 Expansion Continues
  • New data center in Sao Paulo, BR
  • New data center in Chicago, US
  • New data center in Los Angeles, US

Why choose us?

Customer Care

Whatever problems you face – we are always ready to give you a hand. A highly-skilled team of IT professionals is always on their duty. From technical issues to general questions – seek assistance 24/7 and leave your worries behind.

Unlike other hosting providers, we never leave a client in trouble. We believe in true human connection through live communication, based on mutual respect and trust. Building strong long-term relationships is our ultimate goal.

Flexibility and Innovation

We are extremely excited by the latest technologies. New ideas and innovation has been the mover of the company since day 1! Our passion keeps us on track of the latest software releases and updates, modern apps and tools.

While always looking forward, we fearlessly enter new markets and take new opportunities. Our services and products are optimized and well-adjusted for our customers worldwide – providing local support, immaculate connectivity and more.

Value and Choice

Years of hard work and effort resulted in what we have today – a wide selection of hosting services, powered by premium data centers worldwide. Multiple optimization and security tools, optimized CMS and SEO hosting options ensure top performance. All at one place – build a safe and reliable online environment from scratch!

Reason and Respect

We strongly believe, that respect for the customer reflects on understanding the customers' hopes and needs. We tend to act with reason, as we don’t want our customers to overpay for the services that they don’t need. At Host1Plus we do our best to keep the prices low and the services flexible.

Server Locations & Local Support

Los Angeles United States

Los Angeles, United States

Premium data centers in LA, California, guarantee immaculate connectivity and ultra-fast response times.
Chicago United States

Chicago, United States

A modern data center in Chicago, Illinois, is distinguished by high security standards and thorough server upkeep
London United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

A fully-staffed data center in London has a professional team of skilled technicians, highest levels of security and uninterrupted availability.
Amsterdam The Netherlands

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

A custom-designed facility in Amsterdam stands out because of excellent functional and physical security and lowest chance of downtime.
Šiauliai Lithuania

Šiauliai, Lithuania

Comprehensive real-time monitoring and efficient allocation ensures stability and good performance.
Johannesburg South Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa

A reliable server environment in Johannesburg guarantees stability and lower latency for online projects, targeted to audiences in the whole African region.
Singapore Singapore

Singapore, Singapore

A premium data center in Singapore provides top security measures, higher performance and a better reach to Asia-Pacific markets.
Frankfurt Germany

Frankfurt, Germany

Being one of the most secure and reliable data centers in the world, our server location in Frankfurt sustains uptime and boosts performance.
São Paulo Brazil

São Paulo, Brazil

With a wide range of security equipment, the facility in São Paulo upholds a secure and reliable environment and preserves server performance.
Multiple premium data centers worldwide and responsive local customer support! Why choose a location?

Different locations mean different server placements worldwide. When choosing a location you should consider the proximity of your target market to a specific location, as the distance between the server and the user affects your website loading time. However, the differences in loading time are minor. Increased latency and slight delays are only notable for websites with lots of visual material, e.g. media streamers.


United Kingdom - London

Digital Energy Technologies Limited
Registration №: 06848949
VAT №: GB989590342
Registered In England & Wales


26 York Street
London W1U 6PZ
United Kingdom

Germany - Frankfurt am Main

Digital Energy Technologies Limited
Registration №: 06848949
VAT №: GB989590342
Registered In England & Wales


Mainzer Landstrasse 351-353
D-60326 Frankfurt am Main

Lithuania - Kaunas

Digital Energy Technologies Limited
Registration №: 06848949
VAT №: GB989590342
Registered In England & Wales


Savanorių pr. 109
Kaunas LT-44146

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