About Us

Host1Plus is a London based international web hosting company. Host1Plus have three offices in London (UK) – management and sales, Kaunas (Lithuania) – technical staff and support and Frankfurt om Maine (Germany) – technical staff.

Main services of Host1Plus are shared web hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, cloud hosting solutions, free web hosting (Free hosting subsidiary is developed under the Host1Free brand name), also domain names, SSL certificates, server optimization, extra care support services and many more.

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Host1Plus provides inexpensive and affordable hosting services to personal, small, medium and large size businesses, NGOs, Governmental organizations, non-profit organizations and everyone who need a inexpensive but high quality hosting services. All the services are ordered automatically using professional applications and services.

Host1Plus is a flexible company which can easily get used to changing demand and working conditions, therefore we are constantly expanding entering new markets and launching new services. Cloud computing based services are getting more and more popular, therefore Host1Plus has set the goal to become a leading cloud hosting provider by the year of 2015. Host1Plus care about small and large customers.

Host1Plus has three offices in Eastern and Western Europe. Host1Plus started working since 2008.

Success Story of Host1Plus

Hosting market is saturated. Host1Plus has faced lots of challenges and trials. Lots of problems has been solved without any advice from some hosting gurus or mentors. The business was built using all available tools and possibilities.

  • Year 2008 – The Launch

Host1Plus has started in 2008. Two young IT professionals met in Kaunas, Lithuania and the idea of international hosting provider has spun in founders head. All we needed to do is to get some investment and order the first data center. It was in Vilnius, Lithuania, because it was inexpensive and quality one. This was the hard start of Host1Plus.

  • Year 2009 – Hard Work

In 2009 we have teamed up with Our German partners and have started providing the free web hosting service without any ads Host1Free.com. Also we have offered the quality VPS and dedicated server solutions to our business customers. The conquering of new markets began. The same year a contract with the Singapore datacenter was signed.

  • Year 2010 – Continues Growth

In 2010 we have started providing our services for Chinese Market. That was ambitious project as we did not know the Asian hosting market situation well, but some friends from Asia helped us a lot. Now we are really proud to be in Asian market among other huge international hosting companies.

  • Year 2011 – Getting Big!

Year 2011 was a year of expansion. we have optimized our processes and crystallized our services. Host1Plus team grew bigger and bigger. We have started providing phone support to US and UK customers, also expanded to Russian and Brazilian markets which are also huge and being here means more challenges and goals to our young and restless team.

  • Year 2012 – New Challenges

The year 2012 is meant to be a great year as we will be improving our sales and service quality, expanding our offices and entering new markets.

The Difference

Why Host1Plus? What are differences between us and the rest of the international hosting providers? We can boast with some issues, the huge companies will never be able to brag about. There are some issues we are really proud of.

We have highly qualified network and server administrators who work hard to make Host1Plus.com the perfect hosting solution for businesses. Our network infrastructure is located in 6 countries (United States, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Germany, Lithuania and Singapore).

The Difference

We have a strong support team, available 24/7. Good customer relationships have been our focus since day one and we are proud to be a company that always deals with customer queries efficiently but still with a smile.

We know how crucial it is to have constant network uptime, which is why we developed our monitor solution. This alerts us to even the smallest likelihood of failure so that we can avoid any downtime at all costs. That’s why we provide our 99.99% network uptime guarantee.

Our team is professional and experienced therefore we maintain a close attitude to our customer. Automatic problem solutions kill the normal relationship with the customer, therefore we care. The ‘alive’ communication is the main difference from the rest of hosting companies.

We care about small and big customers because we believe, that providing quality services may lead to their business expansion. We are ready to lifetime commitment providing quality services to happy customers.

Vision of Host1Plus

Host1Plus has started the hosting business during the worldwide recession when lots of companies have started optimizing their resources and expenses on hosting. We are convinced that inexpensive and affordable services should remain Host1Plus main priority.

The real and sincere support service is another main issue which will lead us towards the rapid development, more services and more effective solutions to our customers for a decent price. We will invest even more energy selecting our customer support staff in different locations. Vision of Host1PlusWe strongly believe, that every country deserve the support in their native languages. Recently we have launched our German speaking support for our customers in Germany. The rest markets will follow.

Host1Plus vision is all about cloud hosting solutions in the nearest future. By the end of 2015 cloud hosting services should be as popular as now it is shared hosting. People will be using more and more cloud based solutions for their business and Host1Plus will be ready to meet all of their needs and challenges. And this will be not for large sized companies, but for medium and small size businesses.

The ease of setting up the website is an essential feature of our hosting. Host1Plus will continue offering the automated tools which help inexperienced webmasters setting up the website, blog, forum or social network easily without any deep Linux, MySQL, Apache and PHP knowledge and experience. Professional administrators will use our services as well as we allow them manage their hosting plans according to their needs.

Small customers may become large customers over night. We have seen lots of startups who skyrocketed in just a few hours and we are glad we can contribute to their growth. We believe, that all customers must be cared equally and sincerely, no matter if they have ordered dedicated server or minimum shared web hosting plan.

Our all efforts are made with one reason – make our services as much efficient and easy to use as possible.

The Team

Our team is fully international. There are several people in Lithuanian technical support office, few in London headquarters and a couple in Germany tech support center. Different countries and nationalities makes us bigger ans stronger as we can share our experience and ideas to different countries. The TeamThe team is professional not only because the knowledge of hosting business and technical side, but also because we are open minded and flexible. We know what the language and cultural differences are and can use them as our advantage.

Doing something bigger in one’s life, helping people reaching their goals and being a part of international hosting provider is the best motivation. Our team members feel that they can really change the world, they have duties and responsibilities to our customers who create the new positions and services.

Our team has experience and knowledge, which was gained working hard and diligently, learning not only from own, but also from colleague mistakes. The experience is our main hidden card which can play well in every game. The administrators, support managers and the management is working in this business for more than 7-10 years. Our team is selected carefully, therefore this club is open not for everyone – only challenge lovers can become Host1Plus team members.

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